It’s a concrete jungle out there

In the depths of the city’s dark street corners, things lurk. And I’m not talking about dead leaves, cigarette butts, or people. There’s a surprising abundance of wildlife in the middle of the metro area. Even when the nearest spot of grass is two blocks over, a small population of wildlife scrapes by on whatever it can scavenge. Here’s what I’ve spotted while living in the city:

Spider. OK, this isn’t that strange. There’s really no hiding from spiders, wherever you live. But what made this particular sighting stunning was the sheer size of the hairy beast. It must’ve been someone’s pet tarantula on the lam.

{ The hairy beast. So glad I didn't step on it. }

Raccoon. As we arrived home at a very late (or was it a very early?) hour, a little masked bandit rambled across Broadway, just a block from our loft. It was strange to see it scuttle across the street and then between two skyscrapers—raccoons seem like they’d more of a suburban critter.

Eagles. Our condo has a view of the Missouri River, and it’s not unusual to see bald or golden eagles effortlessly gliding among the clouds on a sunny afternoon, following the river’s path.

Bats. I used to live in a midtown apartment that overlooked a historic cemetery, just minutes from downtown. Every night around dusk, hordes of bats would emerge and devour every bug within sight. It was a pretty spectacular show.

Deer. I have seen a deer downtown. Unfortunately, it was along the side of the interstate and it was no longer having happy deer thoughts.


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About UrbanDwellerKC

Living downtown has its perks as well as its few weird moments. I'm an editor and writer who lives in a loft with a husband and a cat, both of which are a constant source of entertainment. When I'm not out being an urban explorer, I love to cook, read, and knit.

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