Loft parts

When people look up at the far-reaching corners of the concrete ceiling and then look down 14 feet to the dustball-ridden concrete floor, they notice our home doesn’t have the features associated with a typical home. It’s not located in a cul-de-sac. There’s no yard. It doesn’t have wall-to-wall carpet. And there’s no hardwood floors. One of the bedrooms doesn’t have a door—or four walls. Our windows are 10 feet tall and don’t have screens on them. But, despite the industrial characteristics, our home does give a slight nod to traditionalism. We have mini blinds.

Mini blinds aside, here are some of the non-traditional pieces that make up our cozy home.

{Our large-ish windows}

{Ductwork, water pipes and the concrete ceiling}

{Polished concrete floor and exposed brick wall}

{A few rooms are sans door}

{Concrete pillar wrapped in metal plating kept forklifts from knocking everything down}

{Cat not included}

We once heard a story that our loft building was constructed during Word War I to store weapons and machinery. After that it was probably used as warehouse space. It’s odd to imagine someone driving a forklift around in our living room. Traces of the building’s past still show themselves in the forklift lines painted on the floor or in the pillars wrapped in sheet metal, but to us it’s simply our home.


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About UrbanDwellerKC

Living downtown has its perks as well as its few weird moments. I'm an editor and writer who lives in a loft with a husband and a cat, both of which are a constant source of entertainment. When I'm not out being an urban explorer, I love to cook, read, and knit.

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