A note from a non-dog owner

Let me start by saying I like dogs. In our condo building, there are lots of dogs. I’m pretty sure they outnumber the cats and they may tie with the number of humans in the building. Someday, I’ll have a dog but not while we live on the fourth floor of a condo building downtown. I know enough about dog ownership to know there’s logistics involved—a dog’s got to go several times a day regardless of the weather. And there’s not a ton of grassy patches in our ‘hood.

Because of those logistics, I’m surprised at the number of city canines I see. Day after day, there they are: dedicated dog owners who get up early, don warm clothes, hats, gloves, shoes, umbrella in hand, and they herd the dog down the stairs and out the front door. They walk the dog a block or two while it sniffs out a satisfactory spot to squat, the owner picks up the remnants, and together the duo walks back home. And much like the Postal Service, this happens in rain, sleet, snow or heat.

I can’t see myself doing that two or three times a day. Every day.

There are some cute, well-behaved dogs in our building, thanks to considerate owners. And then there are some neighbors who think it’s OK (and cute!) to let their dog jump on me while I’m getting the mail. (Hint: Not OK. I don’t know you. I don’t know your dog. Get it off of me.) And then there are others who think it’s OK to let their dog poop where ever it pleases—sidewalk, parking garage—and they don’t pick it up. Note to said owners: This is gross and unsanitary. Pick it up.

Despite all the joy dogs bring into peoples’ lives—wet noses, wagging tails, non-judgmental and unconditional love—for now, I prefer my low-maintenance city kitty. Even if she is secretly, silently judging me and plotting to kill me.



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About UrbanDwellerKC

Living downtown has its perks as well as its few weird moments. I'm an editor and writer who lives in a loft with a husband and a cat, both of which are a constant source of entertainment. When I'm not out being an urban explorer, I love to cook, read, and knit.

2 responses to “A note from a non-dog owner”

  1. Clare Flourish says :

    Why should she kill you, when you open the tins?

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